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Paulette Branson & Mixed People

“Mixed People” is a funky, soul fusion band with hints of rock and world music. Versatile musicianship, raw lyrics, and full vocal harmonies create a genuine, mixed musical experience. The name Mixed People derived from colors that bloomed out the whole funk and nothing but the funk. It embraces the love of self and others regardless of our differences and celebrates the beauty in us all. Mixed People is a Philadelphia-based band, founded by guitarist, Paulette Branson, in August 2012. Other band members include: Bird Williams (keytar and vocals), Pierre Nix (percussion and vocals), Terrence Jones (bass), Sunny Dee (drums), and Porsha Alexander (vocals). Any given night, you'll also find a collaborative of other distinguished musicians joining them on stage. Since August 2012, the band has stamped its sound in Philadelphia and the tri-state area performing at various premier music venues and nationally-recognized music festivals from the Ladybug Music Festival to Wawa's Welcome America Festival. 


In April 2014, Mixed People released their EP Album, Shark Attack. Shark Attack is a fun, refreshing, guitar-driven masterpiece that has left fans craving for more. The music is progressive, and the energy and emotion behind this band will get you dancing on your feet and singing along.


"Mixed People" has shared stages with Terrence Blanchard, Black Alley, Urban Guerilla Orchestra, Breakwater, and more! Fans have compared Mixed People to P Funk meets N.E.R.D. and Jimi Hendrix meets Prince. 


Mixed People, LLC 

Mixed People, LLC was founded by Paulette Branson in 2013.


In addition to leading the band "Mixed People", Paulette Branson is an educator, sports administrator, and leadership/teambuilding coach. Mixed People, LLC is a company dedicated to advancing the MIXED PEOPLE MOVEment - a culture of love and unity driven by music, movement and art. Paulette believes every day is AWESOME, because she chooses it to be, and wants to empower others to do the same. Mixed People is a celebration of the beauty in us all!


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